Do Billboards Dream Of Electric Screens? ATTENTION STRUCTURE

Pascual Sisto - No Not Nothing Ever

Pascual Sisto - No Not Nothing Never [Image Courtesy: Pascual Sisto]

Do Billboards Dream of Electric Screens - ATTENTION STRUCTURE is an international touring exhibition shown on video billboards that will preview in late October in the UK at Frequency Festival. This is the second edition in the Do Billboards Dream of Electric Screens series initiated by Trampoline in 2007.

The exhibition features the work of Jordi Colomer , Mark Essen , George Evans , London Fieldworks , Ellie Harrison , Sophie Kahn , Erik Olofsen , Pascual Sisto , Paulette Phillips , Russell Richards and Ben Wheele.

Moving swiftly between fantastical worlds, virtual terrains and fragmented bodies Attention Structure appropriates this high impact format to present an exhibition of experimental artists’ film and video.

The path of this programme makes unexpected and disorienting jumps, touching on ideas of ecology, technological landscapes and possible futures. Parallels and rhythms emerge through the reel, offering moments of respite and/or instability.

Paulette Phillips’ The Open Polar Bear #2 accentuates the limitations of the frame as a polar bear trapped in an artificial tundra paces out an endless loop between its borders.

Pascual Sisto’s No Not Nothing Never takes us to an unidentifiable desert where 23 pedestal fans moving in perfect unison carry out a futile and absurd attempt to cool the heat of the desert.  

Erik Olofsen’s In Places references the elevated position of the billboard showing a figure fall from a great height onto a constructed foam city, flattening skyscrapers and sending slow motion shocks before the city rebounds into its original shape.

Video billboards have a latent potential to be a focal structure within built public space, however through their ubiquity the screen has become an ambient social object as has the content in the form of advertising and public address that populates them. Interspersed between snippets of news and corporate idents, Attention Structure plays with our ambivalence towards these media surfaces and reveals the screen.

We are here to occupy a place in the global competitive market for your attention.


Attention Structure is curated and produced by Beth Bramich and Mathew Trivett of Trampoline: Agency for Art and Media and is supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Nottingham Trent University.


This programme is available for exhibition internationally, if you are interested in being an exhibition partner please contact Mathew Trivett, Producer on for more information.


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